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What Makes Us Special

  • 7 Years islamic Scholar Program for Sisters.

  • 4 Years Islamic Studies Graduation Program .

  • Full Time Hifz (Memorisation of Quran) Program with Schooling.

  • Full Time Schooling With Islamic Studies.

  • 5 Days Weekly Muktab Program

  • Weekend Islamic School For Boys & Girls.


To enlighten and educate hearts with righteous knowledge and serve the community with the purpose of worshiping Allah Tabaraka Wa Ta’ala (The God Almighty) as shown by the Holy Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Alhamdolillah!! Its a great pleasure that we have bought a new building, which is located at 1502 Woodlawn drive, Woodlawn, Maryland, purchased on 28th January 2019, because AIK is growing rapidly and we needed to address this growth from the operational as well as financial structural perspective.

learning today for a better tomorrow.

Future Plan

Future AIK Programs:

  •  Islamic school with Hifz of Quraan and secular education from Elementary  to High School for boys & girls.
  • •Community Services.

hand in hand we learn


AIK was established in 2014 as an Islamic educational institution with the mission “To enlighten the hearts through the knowledge of Quran and Hadith under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced Islamic Scholars.” By the Grace of Almighty Allah (tabaraka wa taalah), we have successfully established many educational programs to serve youth (boys & girls) and adults (brothers & sisters). Alimah (Scholar) Program for sisters.

Alhumdulilah we have twelve teachers, including ten Islamic Scholars of which five are Sisters. AIK has a well established Islamic library that has more than 3000 books, covering a broad range of Islamic topics.

what are our principles?